vrijdag 24 februari 2012

St Basilide Vocational School

The St Basilide Vocational School in Kaleo, Upper West Ghana is using ICT since 2011. They have received 20 computers from GIFEC, but no full time ICT teacher. A JICA volunteer (from Japan) who barely speaks English teaches the students in basic ICT, but she does not have time to teach the teachers as well. Peps-C will support the school to integrate ICT in their classrooms both in the main subjects (Carpentry & Joinery, Plumbing&Welding, Electrical Installation and Building& Construction, but also in general subject under the Ghana Education Service. The school has 454 students, with only 24 girls. The computer is used also in administration, but not networked and without internet access. In the next yearteachers and administrators should be able to improve their skills into teaching&learning and school administration.

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