dinsdag 1 november 2011

ICT for Reproductive Health

The Catholic Family Reproductive Health Project (CFRHP) in WaleWale uses ICT to improve their Community Health programme for example with their Mobile Cinema (trycycle, beamer, laptop, mobile screen and small generator) to educate rural villages about reproductive health issues

maandag 31 oktober 2011

ICT improves the Communityy Health Programme at Garu Health Centre

At the Garu Health Centre in Northern Ghana ICT is used to improve the Community Health Programme. Reproductive Health materials could donwloaded, created and printed to use them in the reproductive health programme.

maandag 24 oktober 2011

IICD starts new way of fundraising for her projects

Until now it was not possible to directly fund projects of IICD in Africa and South America. But that has changed. On the AKVO platform, just like IICD one of the partners in the Connect4Change Alliance, you are now able to select your own project and donate directly to this particular project! An example is the Computers for education in Northern Ghana
of Savana Signatures for a better education for children in schools in Northern Ghana via computers. You can donate NOW

Over 1000 students of a basic and junior high school Savalugu District, Ghana get better access to educational information with this project by using computers. Computers are placed in the school and teachers are trained to use these in their courses. Students become better educated and therefore have more chances to go to senior high school. Teachers benefit as well because by using computers, it will take them less time to prepare classes and they are better equiped to teach.

donderdag 6 oktober 2011

Kajelo Youth Training Entrepreneurs (KYTE) Ghana

Interviews with a passionate Youth Group in rural Ghana close to the Burkina Border who educate the youth about reproductive health in an environment where they have little resources to do so: Who will support them further? They need books, educational community health materials, internet access. Contact mkoopman@iicd.org or kenkubuga@boltstepsghana.org for further information

vrijdag 29 april 2011

Female ICT Teachers Association

An interview with Chairperson of the Female ICT Teachers Association Ms Angela Serwaa Boateng. FICTTA, based in Tamale Ghana, wants to improve the capacity of female ICT Teachers and promoting more female participation in ICT The video is produced by IICD, a Dutch NGO that supports ICT4D

woensdag 12 januari 2011

The ESNET Project: Creating, packaging and sharing teachers' notes online in Zambia

The Education Support Network pilot project set up by One World Africa in Zambia provides poorly resourced schools with teaching materials. Today 38 teachers from 9 different schools digitise their own personal teachers' notes and share them via the ESNET website at http://esnet.oneworld.net for the benefit of 1,400 pupils. Over 50 teachers' notes for English, Geography, History and Civics are shared. Face-to-face meetings with the schools aim to assess the usefulness of the materials.

For more information contact: Kelvin Chibomba - kelvin.chibomba@oneworld.net