maandag 13 februari 2012

Saboba Medical Centre

In November 2011 I visited Saboba medical Centre. They are selected as pilot hospital by CHAG to digitilize their currently manual patient record system. The video shows the situation on the ground why this really will bring added value. Challenges they are facing at the moment include:

• Lack of space for archive
• Many patient records get lost
• Many patients forget cards, new record made without medical history
• Many manual entries at every department (Lab, Pharmacy, Theatre, Ward, Consulting, NHIS)
• Every minute less at bed saves a lot. Only 1 doctor, 70 – 90 beds
• Staff is interested in computerized system
• Data entry once, filling reports to others automatically without additional actions
• In proposal wards not mentioned, should be included to make it more relevant / no double system

The Connect4Change programme from IICD and Cordaid will support CHAG and Saboba Medical Centre in implementing a hospital management information system that will improve the medical care of Saboba Medical Centre.

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