donderdag 19 augustus 2010

ZUNO Resource Centre Mongu

The Zambian Union of Nurses (ZUNO) have offices in every province. In Western Province Beatrice Mukambo is the chairperson and Martin Wabusa is the Resource Centre officer.

Nurses in Zambia have a need for up-to-date medical information. In this pilot project the Zambia Union of Nurses Organisation (ZUNO) will support their members with an Information and Communication Technologies resource centre in their head office in Lusaka and in their provincial offices in the Copperbelt and in Western Province. It will provide a group of about 9000 nurses access to the internet and email facilities. Furthermore this project gives access to professional nursing study materials, including opportunities for e-learning, and also provides an electronic library to members and the general public.

In Western Province the Resource Centre is based in the NAPSA Office building in a small room, between several other small companies. The resource centre provide training to nurses, but also office services like copying, typing and internet browsing to be more sustainable. At the moment the centre makes a small profit that is used to organise face-to-face meetings between nurses in the Western Province.

The centre is saving for a binding machine to increase their services and would like to set up a mobile library to distribute information also outside the Mongu area. They would like to use video more, because visualisation of nursing tasks makes it easier to understand. The materials could than also be used in the community.

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