zondag 8 augustus 2010

Securing Financial Transaction Seminar organised by e-Brain

e-Brain Forum of Zambia organised on the 29th April 2010 a seminar on Securing Financial Transactions. This seminar was part of their cyclus of monthly ICT4D events that they organise in Zambia. e-Brain is the ICT4D network in Zambia support by IICD.

During the event 30 participants (10 women) were listening to the two speakers: Mr Julien Shabana, cyber security specialist who, gave an overview of what cyber dangers there are that more and more people become victum of it. Think of identiy theft, but also hacking into your e-mail account.

The second speaker was Mr Shamambo Saasa of the Bank of Zambia. He gave an overview of what measurements the bank is taken together with other banks to prevent this. The Q&A session afterwards was facilitated by Mr Lee Muzala, the chairperson of e-Brain.

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