donderdag 14 augustus 2014

ICT4Teacher presentation Global Media Forum Deutsche Welle

1st July 2014 in Bonn

During the Global Media Forum 2014 IICD was invited by Unicef and the ICT4D Centre of Royal Holloway, University London to be part of a panel on ICT4Kids. At the event the reportChildren, ICT and Development was launched. I was one of the people interviewed for the book. The full session can be followed through this audio link.
Some additional information on the session: Information and Communication Technologies for Development, also kn2014-07-01 15.00.57own as ICT4D, is an exciting, young interdisciplinary field of practice and study. 

BonnSome argue that it could revolutionize how international development initiatives are run, offering tools such as SMS and social media to create direct engagement with project participants, beneficiaries and communities. In a recent report produced by the University of London’s ICT4D Centre at Royal Holloway for UNICEF, 35 experts in the area of child-related ICT4D were asked to discuss what worked and what didn’t. The interviews showed a strong consensus that participatory approaches increased the chances of project success. They also revealed a rising trend in involving young people in particular in more participatory forms, not just of project governance, but also more broadly in social and political discussions. Expert interviewees nominated notably inspiring projects involving children and youths.

Martine Koopman
IICD, The Netherlands
Kumar, Davinder
Head of Communications (West & Central Africa), Plan International, UK
Lawrie, James
Senior Education Adviser, Save the Children, UK
Poveda, Sammia Christina
PhD Researcher, ICT4D Centre & UNESCO Chair in ICT4D Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
Walton, Philip
COO, BRCK, Kenya
Kleine, Dr. Dorothea
Director, ICT4D Centre, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

My presentation:

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