maandag 3 december 2012

Visit in July 2012 with Edukans to Connect4Change Education Programme in Ghana

In July 2012 Miet Chielens, Herman Kruijer (both Edukans) and Martine Koopman (IICD) visited several educational projects of the Connect4Change Educational Programme. Several short videos were shot with interviews of the school (head)teachers to show the impact of ICT at the schools. The implementation of the programme has started earlier this year. Visits were made to the Vocational School projects implemented by Peps-C and 4 vocational schools in the Upper West of Ghana

From kaleo, we had a drive to Bolgatanga were we visited the Presbyterian Education Unit in Bolgatanga. We visited with them two of their schools that Connect4Change is supporting. One in Bolgatanga

and one in Gambaga.

The last project that we visited was the Yoo JHS in Savelugu. We were lucky because it was also the launch of the HIV/AIDS club at the school and we started the visit with a play from the HIV/AIDS club for the whole school. Afterwards we went to the ICT lab to talk with the (head) teacher and implementing partner Savana Signatures.

After the discussion the teachers showed us their work on the computer, which was impressive after only two weeks training.

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