donderdag 20 november 2008

New agricultural method helps farmers to improve their livelihood

Wadep, an IICD supported project in Nkwanta, Volta region (Ghana) collaborates with Agricultural Extension oOficers to provide farmers with information on improved planting methods.

Take Mr Ingwanu Bale, he farms with his family cowpeas. I met him during my trip to Ghana in October 2008 accompanied by Mr Ibrahim Inusah (GINKS) and Mr Obed twabu (Wadep). He used to plant the traditional way, which is random planting of seeds.

Cowpea is grown mainly by peasant farmers who have limited access to purchased inputs for the crop. It is grown in marginal soils as intercrop with cereals
but a few farmers like Mr bale grow cowpea as sole crop. The soils are of low
natural fertility and the crop depends almost entirely on rainfall.

After a training from Wadep and the Agricultural Extension Officer from the Ministry of Agriculture he has changed his methods. He now plants in rows, which improved the harvest with 70%. This means that both his children are now able to go to school. He is convinced that this new method works and want to help to convert the other farmers in his community. The new method is more labour intensive than the traditional one, but because of the higher yield more profitable. Watch the video for more information from Mr Ingwanu Bale.


Mr Ingwanu Bale, cow pea farmer and Mr Obed Twabu, Wadep

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